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There are words that are not easy to write, situations that are not easy to describe.

Launching a music festival in 2023 is a real challenge. Since the pandemic, the cultural world has been suffering from multiple difficulties from which many structures are still struggling to recover. Organizers have to deal with and fight constantly in this difficult context and each event that takes shape is the result of a small miracle.

Despite the unfailing support of the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines agglomeration from the very beginning of the project until today, the Treesome Festival team has faced, like many festivals this year, multiple financial and logistical difficulties, some of which are related to the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

Until the end, we fought to make sure that this festival would live up to our expectations. After the withdrawal of some financial partners, we tried to find elsewhere, to do things differently. But almost two months before the event, it is time to make a bitter analysis: we did not succeed in convincing and finding the necessary funds.

Despite the lack of funding, we have tried by any means to continue the project and to hold the festival at all costs. But the certainty to welcome you in the best conditions and to make you live this event as we had imagined it was not guaranteed.

That’s why we made the heartbreaking decision to cancel this edition of Treesome Festival.

It is difficult for us, at this moment, to hide our sadness. The sorrow of not being able to offer you this experience that we wanted to be both unique and unifying. The regret of not having been able to concretize our ideas and bring our vision to the electronic scene. And beyond that, not having succeeded in making music and culture shine.

So here we are, it’s time for the credits but you didn’t see the end of the movie…

All the team of the festival would like to warmly thank :

The agglomeration of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines who believed in the project from the very beginning and who never stopped supporting us ;

The teams of the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines leisure island for their availability and their involvement ;

The town halls of Montigny-le-Bretonneux and Trappes, who have been friendly and welcoming ;

Shotgun, our ticketing partner who was among the first to believe in the project ;

All the programmed artists and their agents who played the game of our communication a little out of the box ;

All the artists who made a mix for our Treecast ;

Our media or structural partners, who accompanied us from the beginning to the end ;

Our graphic designer Baptiste, who gave everything to create the superb graphic identity of the festival ;

Johan who created a wonderful website ;

The Orsoie team with whom we made a great teaser ;

The Dream/Cast team with whom we were going to make a great teaser ;

Our technical director, our production manager, our security, our scenographers, our sound providers, and to all this superb team of the office ;

Our PR people who did not stop growing the Treesome Community ❤️;

And finally, you, who supported the festival by buying your tickets and talking about it around you.

The Treesome Festival team,

Mathilda, Arnaud, Diane, Marie-Eleonore, Emmanuel, Astrid and Robin

Ticket refunds: Shotgun and Resident Advisor refunds are in progress, the money should arrive in your account within a week. Rental fees are not refunded.