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Octo Octa is the GOAT of New York house music. Each set is a guarantee of an ultra sharp digger selection and vibes straight out of the best parties in Brooklyn. Any doubts? Go check out his latest EP Day After A Night With U / Stars & Water recently released after a long production break or his ultra groovy Boiler in vinyl mode with Eris Drew. A house gurl as we like them, who also likes to share: two years ago she published a very complete manual to learn Djing, available in four languages on the website of her label T4T. We'll meet her for a spicy B2B with Bored Lord.

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Treesome Festival

July 7 & 8, 2023


Logo de Treesome avec visuel de fleurs en 3D Treesome Festival musiques électroniques Techno House Dancehall Afrobeat