Techno punk

It's been a busy year for the boss Serious, who has been touring the biggest French festivals while travelling the other continents. In hyperactive mode, always with one foot between Paris and New York to manage her label 99Cts Records, which is full of gems. But consecration is something you have to earn. For Miley, it's the story of a punk and fanzine fanatic who starts to turn a few pots, works like a madwoman and ends up making a full identity out of it all with some killer bass techno punk break sets. And a couple of things between : the creation of her label, a residency at the Rex, her own show on Rinse.

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Treesome Festival

July 7 & 8, 2023


Logo de Treesome avec visuel de fleurs en 3D Treesome Festival musiques électroniques Techno House Dancehall Afrobeat