House king

Who could have guessed that behind the incredible buzz of this track house out of time «You Got The Funk» is a young Frenchman who has been fed to all the patron saints of the house? While distilling songs from his label iile, founded in 2015, this inveterate digger never ceases to honor the 90’s house. A former resident of the late Concrete, he released last year, IILE TAL 004, EP of five tracks where for the first time he posed his own voice. And spoilers: we loved it. Criss-crossing Europe with all his analog gear, he will come and put his machines on our house stage. Be there!

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Treesome Festival

7 & 8 juillet 2023


Logo de Treesome avec visuel de fleurs en 3D Treesome Festival musiques électroniques Techno House Dancehall Afrobeat