Rebel rave

Don't be fooled by his shirt, buttoned up to the neck in an (almost) good student way: at HÖR, solo or in B2B with boss Nene H, DJ Spit will turn your head. Never short of ideas, the Berliner takes a malicious pleasure in playing with our sensitive little hearts during his sets and navigates from drum and bass to techno via ghetto house. A little genius adored by the queen VTSS, he played on the biggest stages in Europe: Berghain, Endurance in Copenhagen or ∄ in Kiev, an underground club that has become an emblem of the resistance.

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Treesome Festival

July 7 & 8, 2023


Logo de Treesome avec visuel de fleurs en 3D Treesome Festival musiques électroniques Techno House Dancehall Afrobeat